Friday, July 26, 2013

Mom's Potato Salad


This is the potato salad recipe that I grew up eating and LOVE! It's really very simple to put together and good along side almost everything. This past week I made this salad along with chopped beef sandwiches. Oh So Good!

  • 4-6 medium size potatoes
  • 4 boiled eggs
  • mayonnaise
  • dill pickle relish
  • salt and pepper
Cut up your potatoes into small cubes and boil until done. Drain and place in a bowl and let cool in the fridge. If you don't let them cool long enough then when you mix your salad your potatoes will become mushy.

After boiling your eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes remove and also let cool in the fridge. Once cool, remove the shells and chop up into cubes.

I don't have the exact measurements for the mayo and relish. I just add it to the potato and egg until I like the consistency.

Mix it all together and it is OH so GOOD!!

Salt and pepper to your liking. ENJOY!


  1. simple and looks so delicious

  2. Could I suggest using some green onions in it. i basically make mine like yours but the use of green onions just makes it so delicious. i always get a lot of compliments on it.


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