Monday, September 23, 2013

Mummy Drinks


Aren't these the cutest mummified juice boxes you've ever seen? My kids LOVED them! The only down fall was that they wanted to drink three of them just because they were fun to drink from and ended up loaded on fruit punch! They were not hard to make and would make the perfect drink for any Halloween party or Fall function as school.

Juice boxes
wiggle eyes
white duck tape
Hot glue for the eyes

  • Remove the straw from your juice box.
  • Start wrapping your box from the bottom. About half way up place your eyes on the tape. 
  • Continue wrapping the box trying to cover parts of the eyes to look as though they are peeking out of the wrapping. Ooooo scary!!!!

For even more fun wrap up some water bottles! :)

What cheesy grins!! I was laughing so hard for some reason and I don't think these water bottles are cool enough for my step daughter!! ;) One thing for sure we had a ton of fun at our little party!

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  1. I really like these. Think I'll hand out mummy juice boxes like these this year. here via BOB(B)


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