Thursday, August 8, 2013

Framed Shells


Are you looking for something to do with your seashells that you collected this summer? I have collections of shells around my house but was looking for a different way to display some of them. We had collected a ton of shells while we were in Orange Beach last summer and some of them where a lot a like so I decided to display those in a frame. Below is how I put this together. The frame was $12 at Michael's, but I found it at 40% off and I had all the other materials so it ended up being a pretty cheap new piece of art for our home that has a lot of meaning to us. Love those kind. :)

Supplies Needed:

Modge Podge
Hot glue

1. Select 9 of your favorite shells and apply a layer of Modge Podge to make them shiny. Let dry.
2. Print the location of where you found your shells on the bottom of a piece of cardstock. Cut the cardstock to fit the center of the frame.
3. Hot glue your new shiny shells to the cardstock in any pattern you like.
4. Cut burlap to match the size of the frame. Hot glue the cardstock to burlap. Be careful, burlap has holes...learned this the hard way and burned my fingers. :(
5. Put your new art in the frame and your done!! :)


  1. That is a really good Idea. Thanks for the Share.

  2. Another lovely idea for showing off our shells!! Thanks....and love Orange Beach!


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