Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chili Bar

Several months ago on Pinterest I ran across the idea of having a Chili Bar set up during a football game. I loved the idea so much but never found the perfect time to have people over until last Sunday for the Super Bowl!! I was so excited! This was it, I ran to my computer to look back over all of her ideas on what to serve and also discovered that I could go to Party Box Design and download all of her cute printable's for free. LOVE THAT!!

For our party I made a huge pot of Chili and beans in the crock pot. I used the old faithful recipe from the box. :) I love False Alarm chili. It's super easy to follow and all the spices come in the box. All you add is 2 lbs ground meat and a 8 oz can of tomato sauce. Delicious!

Now, what to put the chili on at our party. I decided on Frito's "Frito pie", Tortilla chips "build your own nachos", french fries "chili cheese fries", baked potatoes "top your potato", and last but not least hot dogs "chili dogs". Oh, this is fun!!  Then in small bowls I put the toppings such as grated cheese, jalapeno's, olives, onions, sour cream etc.

As I was setting up my table for the bar I took a few pictures to share with you. These pictures are of the table before I brought out the food.

After guests arrived and I place all the food on the table I ran to get my camera to take some pictures of my pretty table. Well, of course I can't find it quickly and by the time I got back to the table half the food was gone!! Ha, it was crazy! I think I was gone for two minutes!! Anyway, just another excuse to have another chili bar party so I can get more pics to share with you. :)

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  1. Great idea!! I really want to try this but can't find the free printables you mentioned. Unless they're not free anymore! Do you think you could post the pdf link? Or maybe email the pdf to me?


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