Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Redone

Every time I buy/use a glass container, and I have used all of it's contents, I hate to throw it away or just throw it in the recycle bin. I think to myself...  there is something cute I can make with this so I am going to save it. ;)  So...on the bottom of my pantry floor in the back I have spaghetti, pickle, olive, marinades, the list goes on and on JARS!!!

Last week I was at a department store and they were selling a glass jar with a flower in it for $10 a piece. They were so cute and I grabbed three of them, trying to ignore the individual price, when it came to me! What am I doing with these when I have a gazillion of them at home and could buy my own flowers and make my own!?!?

So, I ran to Michael's because they are having 50% off their flowers and bought three different types. Came home grabbed three jars, stuck a little bit of moss in the bottom, put the flowers in, and I now have a cute new spring decor display in our dining room. I love it!!

I added burlap and a flower to this alfredo jar.

This jar was a bacon bits jar that I covered in Jute. I just love it!!

I'd love to see what others have done with left over jars so I can make something else for our house. :)  Have a good day!

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  1. FUN!! I have some Starbucks Frapp jars that need redone! These are great! =) Thanks for linking up at our Pinterest Power Party!



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