Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mario Kart Birthday Party


My little guy turned four this past weekend. I can not believe how time has flown by and that he has grown up so much. Joey loves Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party.... Truly anything Mario. Last year I threw him a Super Mario Brothers party and he wanted to do that again, but I encouraged him to change it up a little bit and all I was able to get was Mario Kart. ;) He changed the theme by a hair!! Ha! Anyways, I once again had a ton of fun planning the party and wanted to share parts of it with you.

I made King boo out of lanterns I found at Party City. I drew the face and my mom cut out the tongues that we taped on. I then folded some yellow card stock as a crown. It would have been really cute to glue some rhinestones to the crown but I ran out of time. After we got home from the party my son asked if I would hang the Boo's from our ceiling fan!! Sure why not, but before I knew it they were shooting the Boo's with Nerf guns!! Raising Boys....  :)

 These star power cookies are sugar cookies. I used a cookie cutter and pushed a cookie stick into the dough before baking. After cooling I decorated with icing. It was a good thing I did it the night before because the icing took 60 minutes to set.

 Aren't these cute!! PVC pipes from Home Depot spray painted with green Rust-oleum. Make sure you use this type of spray paint. Supposedly, regular spray paint doesn't stick to the PVC. My boys are still playing with these pipes even after the party.


 How fun are these!! I found the molds on Amazon and filled them with white chocolate. These also made an appearance at last year's party. Too cute not to make them again. I also sprinkled the gold chocolate coins down the center of our table. Mario has to have his power coins to collect. ;)

I also found these chocolate mustache molds on Amazon. These were also a huge hit. I used Wilton chocolate to melt and place in the molds. It works beautifully!!

 Each child got a cupcake with a Mario Kart car on top. The kids loved getting to take these home.

The party favor bags had a Mario Kart notepad, Mario pencil, Mario pencil sharpener, Mario Eraser, and Super Mario fruit snacks inside them. I love the tag I attached. What a fun way to play on the word WE "Wii". :)


  1. oh wow - my almost 7 yr old would love this, and his birthday is just a month away! thx for the ideas, and thx for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. You had so many great ideas! We did a Luigi Party not too long ago. http://www.enchantingbeginnings.com/luigi-party-extravaganza/
    I wish I'd seen some of your ideas! I totally would have stolen a few. Thanks!

  3. What a GREAT party!! I love the mustaches and what a great idea on the Warp pipes!

    Stopping by from Ducks n a Row

  4. Thanks so much, Deanna, for stopping by my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you'll come back again next week.

    I have a feature going right now on Fridays called Cupcakes on Parade. May I share your Mario cupcakes with a link back to your site? I'll email you about it.

    Ducks ‘n a Row

  5. Wow--thats a lot of hard work. !!!

  6. You went all out and it looks amazing! I would love for you to share this at our weekly linky party http://www.theprincessandhercowboys.com/2013/06/on-display-monday-7.html

    Have a good one!

  7. The details for this party are amazing!! Thanks for sharing at weekend reads!

  8. Where did you get your Mario Kart toppers?


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