Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning

OK, I am going to be totally transparent and tell you that my house is FILTHY!!! I can't take it anymore! I think I actually saw dust size tumble weeds rolling across my floor yesterday. :)

Every year about this time I get the urge to open up my house and let the wonderful spring air fill it and clean clean clean!! From top to bottom I want everything clean and organized. After brain storming what I need to clean and reading the blog www.thehappierhomemaker.com I typed up my own checklist of what I need to clean throughout my house.

Like Melissa, from the happierhomemaker, there is NO way I could ever get this done in a day or weekend. I have four kids and a husband that would interrupt me too many times to ever complete this in a timely manner. So, my goal is to do one section a day or a section a weekend until it is done. I can't wait to get started!

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